Giant Monster War

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The Global Launch will begin at 12:00(GMT+8) Wednesday, October 5, 2022!

“Giant Monster War” is a 4X strategy game combining character development, simulation, real-time strategy and tower defense. Join players from all over the world to create a guild and build up an army. Command your heroes and Titans to expand your territory, conquer ruins, and unify the whole world under your command.

Tower Defense
– The rich and diversified PvE system allows you to experience the fun of tower defense games while attacking cities and territories.
– Lots of adorable Cats lurk about, waiting for you to find them!
– Arrange different hero combinations to challenge 1000 surprising tower defense!

Raise your Titans
– Collect the Titans scattered all across the land and raise them to realize their true potential.
– Research the ancient blessings to make your Titans stronger, and they will prove extremely helpful on the battlefield.

Summon your Heroes
– Hundreds of unique and charming heroes are waiting for you to summon them. Bring rare characters under your command!
– Upgrade your heroes’ unique combat skills to add solid strength to your every battle.
– Gather trophies and train your heroes to make them even stronger!

Real-time battles
– March your army wherever you want, all up to you, Captain!
– Attack, encircle your enemies, detour, feint, or rally to attack the bosses together. , Master the art of war and lead your army to victory!

Know yourself and your enemy
– Exploit your enemy’s weaknesses, and overpower them with your masterful strategy..
– Different heroes excel at different skills! Choose the heroes you like from the vast pool of Attack, Defense, Healing, CC, Immunity, Shield, Buff, and Debuff heroes and assemble your perfect party!
– Place your hard-earned Titan into your lineup, and completely turn the tide of battle with its powerful strike!
– The battle formation is also extremely important. Choose the most suitable formation for every battle!

Attack cities and plunder the land
– Fight against the barbarians and recover the lost territory.
– Expand your guild territory and take over the wonders of the world.
– Defeat other competitors and become the ruler of the world.

– Establish guilds, find allies, declare wars, raid your enemies, sign up and break agreements – plan your strategies up ahead and have fun with your friends!
– Perfectly recreated real-life diplomacy! Just like in the real world, malicious aggression will cause your guild’s reputation to drop!
– Utilize your diplomacy skills to the fullest to make yourself invincible!

Thousands of troop varieties
– Imperial Cannoneers, Goblin Lancers, Dragon Knights, Ogre Magicians, Skeleton Warriors… Choose whichever troops you like!
– Hawkeye Cats, Vampires, Necromancers, Ninja… Use all kinds of rare troops to conquer the world.
– Use the troops strengths and weaknesses, launch devastating attacks and come out victorious!

Art style
Steampunk Cartoon style. The team fused Disney cartoon elements with Japanese drawing style to perfectly recreate the Steampunk Fantasy atmosphere and present it to the global market.

Please enjoy the game, and if you run into any problems, leave us your feedback via X-Widget in the top left corner > Contact us > report bugs.
We appreciate your help!



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Giant Monster War

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