Mythic Summon: Idle RPG

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“Idle, summon, card, battle” – this is an AFK-style idle card game that offers the placement battles, offline auto-battling, and full resource returns you desire. What sets us apart is the abundance of strategic gameplay, including the synergy between various professions in your lineup, the bonds and skill combinations among heroes, and more. Additionally, we offer diverse dungeon gameplay, including the freely selectable and customizable levels of “Rift,” the roguelike elements of “Labyrinth,” and the cooperative hunting and slaying of “World Boss.” Come and experience the “Mythic Summon: Idle RPG” for a different kind of Idle RPG game!

– Super simple casual idle gameplay
The battles in the game are automatic, with auto-completion of battles. It features super simple idle gameplay where you can observe the battle results. You can also claim abundant rewards simply by logging in. With just ten minutes a day, you can experience the marvelous adventures of the otherworld.

– Extremely relaxed hero development system
You can enhance the strength of your heroes by leveling them up and equipping them. By engaging in battles and completing quests, you earn experience points and equipment fragments that can be used to level up heroes and their gear. No longer will you need to worry about allocating resources for hero development or tirelessly collecting resources for legendary heroes in the later stages. Here, you can easily reset your heroes with a single click, recovering all consumed development resources at zero cost.

– Rich and diverse dungeon gameplay
The game offers various dungeons waiting for your exploration. Among them, there’s the “Labyrinth” that combines Roguelike elements, the “Time Corridor” where you can learn about hero stories, and the thrilling “Tower Challenge.” Each dungeon hides rare equipment and treasures, awaiting your exploration and collection. With its rich and varied dungeon gameplay, you can experience the excitement of a dynamic game.

– Harness the power of bonds by assembling heroes
Summon and assemble heroes to create special bonds between them and gain powerful enhancements. When heroes with compatible constellations meet, their destinies resonate, granting the summoner even greater blessings!

– Brand new mode “Rift”
A new gameplay mode “Rift” has been launched. Players can choose from three paths based on their own team to attack, and can obtain a large number of rewards by passing each level. Collect Rift Gem and insert them into each level, challenge each level repeatedly to obtain more stars, and unlock more season rewards.

– Join forces to defeat World Bosses
Within the game, there are two colossal World Bosses that are difficult to withstand alone. Defeating World Bosses can yield rich rewards and artifacts. Come on, let’s hunt down the World Bosses together!

– Rich achievements and leaderboards
The game offers a wealth of achievement content that encompasses various aspects of the game, including collecting heroes and artifacts, increasing combat power, progressing through levels, and more. There are numerous achievements waiting to be unlocked. Players can check each other’s rankings, build their teams, and strive to reach the top.

– Strategic battles that are simple yet profound
At first glance, it may seem like a battle between five heroes, but it involves countless strategic combinations! Hero bonds, skill combinations, team compositions… With a simple adjustment at your fingertips, you can achieve victories that turn the tide of strength.

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Mythic Summon: Idle RPG

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