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Space City : Build Your City

Create a dream metropolis in this fascinating city building game.

Imagination is your only limit.

You’ve explored the galaxy and discovered a unique new planet to terraform and build your city on.

Choose from various land and water color options, place suitable buildings, and manage the planets resources to create a thriving city and make it the envy of the galaxy.

With its retro style graphics, stunning addictive, yet relaxing gameplay, Space City : Build Your City is the perfect game for any fan of city builders.

Key Features:

++++ Build your own unique city ++++ Be creative. Design your landscape, build your buildings, and manage your resources to create the perfect city.

++++ Develop a thriving civilization ++++ Build over 850 different buildings to attract sim citizens, including residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, community buildings, transportation, vegetation, mountains, ancient ruins, and much more.

++++ Efficiently manage your resources ++++ Ensure balanced coverage of services such as police, fire, and healthcare, improve ecology, and balance your city to improve the happiness and income from your city.

++++ Retro style graphics ++++ Experience graphics with a 16-bit retro feel in Space City Builder.

++++ Stunning addictive and relaxing gameplay ++++ With its addictive yet calming gameplay, Space City: Build Your City will keep you entertained for hours on end and is suitable for all ages and skill levels.

++++ Endless possibilities ++++ The possibilities are endless in Space City Builder. Create the city of your dreams and share it with the community.

++++ Play anywhere offline ++++ Cross-platform synchronization means you can sync your city across all your Android devices, with support for other mobile platforms as well.

++++ Free to play ++++ Space City Builder is completely free to play, with optional in-app purchases for additional game currency. Earn virtual currency through various in-game methods like watching ads, playing regularly, and progressing in the game.

++++ Download Space City Builder today and start building your space-themed city! ++++

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